Applying for Marriage License

A couple wishing to obtain a Marriage License to be used within the State of West Virginia, within 60 days of application, must appear together at the Clerk’s Office and must be prepared to answer and/or provide the following:

1) Sixty-two ($62.00) dollars in cash or by credit card (no checks). If you have completed a marriage course, bring the papers certifying the completion of the course and you will receive a discount of twenty dollars ($20.00).

2) Provide your legal name (as your name appears on your Birth Certificate), your mailing address, and your Driver’s License or State ID card. The ID is to prove that you are not under the age of eighteen (18) years; if one or both of you are under the age of eighteen (18) years, please call for more information before coming to our Office.

3) Each individual will have to be able to provide their full (9-digit) Social Security number; we do NOT need to see the card itself.

4) Provide your place of birth.

5) For each member of the couple, each parent’s full name (including each parent’s middle name and the mother’s maiden name) and place of birth.

6) Each individual will need to have a copy of their divorce decree signed by the judge if they were previously married.

7) If either or both of the couple were previously married and their spouse predeceased them, we will need the deceased spouse’s date of death.

PLEASE NOTE the Office will accept and reserve a time for couples who appear for a marriage license; if you have a reservation, we will serve you first. Because of social distance rules, we request that couples come without other family members, children, or friends, as they will have to wait in the hallway that DOES NOT HAVE chairs or tables.