How to Select the Correct Page for Printing

After selecting a document you wish to print, please read and follow the following steps BEFORE TRYING TO PRINT.

You will notice a box in the tool bar with the word “Page” to the left of the box.  That box shows the page you are looking at on the screen; HOWEVER, below that box is another set of numbers that show the actual number of images on the screen and the total number of pages in that book.  When selecting the “page(s) that you want to print, you must select the first number of the series as your “first page.”  So, for example:

If you wish to print page 115, from Deed Book 512, the tool bar would show in the “page box” the number 115.  Immediately below the box, you would see the numbers “169 of 531.”  When entering the page(s) you want to print, you would call your “first page” 169.

The reason for this change of numbering, is a result of some of the older books having indexes in the front of the book; and other times it’s because the pages had to be scanned in parts (the page could not be scanned as a single page); and because of errors in the original numbering of the hardbound books from which these documents were scanned.