How To – Assessor’s GIS Map

When the Ohio County Assessor’s website opens, look to the left for a listing of “GIS Map.”  Click this listing, and then click on the blue button entitled “Logon.”  You will then be shown a dialogue box that requires you to click another blue box entitled “OK.”  Now you will see the outline of Ohio County.

In the upper left-hand corner is a white box with a down arrow. Click the arrow and choose the method of your search.  From here you need to enter the information in the white box, and then, click on the magnifying glass symbol to the right.  You will then be shown the location you selected.

NOTE: Generally, if you have entered information that is “recognized” by the search engine, the information will be repeated below the entry box.  If it isn’t, keep trying to provide information that is recognized by the Ohio County Assessor site’s search engine.