Find a Deed


Please be aware that the Clerk’s Office does not index Deeds by street address. You will need the name of the owner.

If you do not know the name of the owner, then you can go to the Assessor’s website and look at their GIS map. In the upper left-hand corner, you will have the option of searching by address. Once you find the property, click on the property and a white box will appear with information that includes the last reported conveyance. You can use that information to look at the Deed on the County Clerk’s online search. If you want a copy of the document, then you can use your credit card to obtain a copy.

If the property was inherited, the information may not be stated within the white box described above. In that case, use the name of the owner listed in the white box and search the County Clerk’s online records for the probate records of the late owner. Those records will indicate who is the current owner of the property. If the named owner is recently deceased, you can find the name of the personal representative in charge of the estate.


If you know who owns the property, you can go to There will appear an outline of the State of West Virginia. You must click on the outline of Ohio County (it is small so be careful); when you do, a dialogue box will appear with options to conduct your search for Ohio County. In the top box, enter the last name of the owner (and if you know the owner’s first name type in the first couple of letters) and “enter.” A listing will appear of real estate tax bills for that individual. Click the name/year and you will view the tax bill for that year. On the upper right-hand side will appear a rectangular box with a description of the property and a reference to the owner’s recorded document. With that information, you can search for the document on the Clerk’s online record search.